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Ocean Fragrance Cartridge

SKU: SWC800-0153
Fragrance Description: 
Let your mind wander and worries drift away as you stand beside the ocean. Tranquility will wash over you and give way to the refreshing marine scents of sparkling citrus, airy ozone notes, and a whisper of muguet. As the tide rises water lily and amber round out this ocean journey. 

Machine & Cartridge sold separately

Intensity: Strong
- Up to 300 hours worth of fragrance
- Covers up to 1,000 square feet of enclosed/indoor space. 

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Fragrance Cartridge Features:
- Each one of ScentHD's fragrance cartridge contains up to 300 hours worth of fragrance
- Covers up to 1,000 square feet of enclosed/indoor space. 
- Easy to Install
- Exclusive ScentHD fragrances

ScentHD Fragrance Cartridge Specifications:
- Height: 6.3 inches
- Width: 6.3 inches
- Depth: 6.3 inches
- Weight: 2 ounces

To Use: 
You MUST use a ScentHD or AccScentHD machine in order to activate the ScentHD fragrance cartridge. ScentHD fragrance cartridges are compatible with both ScentHD and AccScentHD fragrance machines only. ScentHD fragrance cartridges are not compatible with ScentWave machines or other competitive electric fragrance diffusers.
ScentHD Cartridge Care Instructions: 
To extend the life of your ScentHD fragrance cartridge, make sure to follow the instructions listed below. 

General Care Instructions: 
- Store unopened cartridges in a cool, dark and dry place.
- To store an opened cartridge, we recommend to first wrap the cartridge tightly in aluminum foil, placing int in a closed Ziploc™-style bag. Then place the bag in a cool, dark and dry place. 
- For the freshest fragrance experience, use the opened ScentHD fragrance cartridge immediately after opening. 
- We recommend only opening one ScentHD fragrance cartridge at a time to maintain optimal fragrance quality.
- As ScentHD cartridges are made fresh every month, we recommend only buying 1-3 cartridges at a time. Fragrance can dissipate after time and by buying more than a few month's supply, you risk having a suboptimal fragrance experience.